10 Easy Ways to Save on Energy this Winter

Winter is the season where everyone expects to use more energy to keep their homes warm. But when that season arrives, there are steps you can take in order to actually save on energy for real, and doing so doesn’t really have to be that hard. As a matter of fact, the simple and minor choices we make are the ones that will create the biggest impact when it comes to reducing our energy and heating system expenses.

For one, getting rid or at least minimizing the practice of our old energy-wasting habits in the winter will certainly help in saving energy. It goes without saying – saving energy means saving money. Likewise, when you aim at saving energy, you also help the environment.

1 – Turning the Thermostat Down

thermostatDuring winter, you can conveniently turn the thermostat down, probably by two degrees and then combine that by wearing a sweater. Some think it is a silly idea but by doing so every cold season, you actually can save up to $200 on energy bills each year. While most homeowners will simply ignore it, the fact remains that it is quite easy to do.

2 – Dishwasher Technique

It is a good idea if you ensure that the dishwasher is full right before turning it on. Be reminded that dishwashers are designed to be more water and energy efficient whenever they are full. It’s no secret also that water and energy efficient appliances will do a more effective job with less water compared to hand washing.

3 – Mornings

For your morning baths, you should know that using low flow showerhead is better when it comes to energy efficiency because for one, it requires less water and it also needs less heat to warm the water. Another simple way to be “practical” in your morning retreat is to insulate your water tank and then set the thermostat to about two degrees lower than what you’re used to, primarily to save energy as well. In time, you will not feel the difference.

4 – Mind the Fridge

Not a lot of people realize that cleaning the condenser coil in the fridge will greatly improve the appliance’s efficiency. But if you are contemplating on purchasing a new refrigerator, be sure you get something with an ENERGY STAR seal. This means what you are getting has better features for energy efficiency like an improved insulation design, intuitive temperature controls, and energy-efficient compressor.

5 – Heating System Cleaning

heating system cleaningThey say heating is essential in homes that experience winter at the harshest possible state. Such notion is true. But just like other stuff you use at home, your heating system, burner, and furnace has to be cleaned and maintained. Part of this maintenance responsibility is to clean or even change the furnace filter every two months. By doing so, you’re increasing your system’s efficiency by up to fifty percent.

6 – Timer

Using a timer for your heater or furnace to turn it off while you’re sleeping and then turning back on right before you wake up is another easy way to save on energy for the winter.

7 – Weatherproof the Home

Right before the full force of winter tests your home, be sure you weatherproof it. It means you need to guarantee you have ideal insulation, obtain double-pane window, and never forget to caulk cracks you find. By this simple step, you get to eliminate drafts and in the process save money on high energy bills.

8 – Unplugging

This is a very old tip, but mind you, majority of homeowners still don’t get it. Unplugging home electronics when not using them will in fact save some energy. Keep in mind that there are home electronics and appliances that suck up electricity even when they are not in use, so long as they are always plugged in. The potential energy savings can reach up to $80 per year. Now that should be something worth considering by now, right?

9 – Lighting

Are you using incandescent light bulbs? If so, you’re probably not from this era or time! There are newer, better, and much more efficient lighting such as CFL or LED bulbs. They have lower wattage in order to power them, which mean lesser energy bills.

10 – Heating Oil

Finally, if you happen to use heating oil at home, it is recommended that you purchase the oil right before winter or the cold season arrives. You need to know that the price can be very expensive when you elect to purchase during winter, primarily due to the fact that the demand is higher. But if you do purchase it in fall or even summer, the price is at its lowest considering the fact that no one really needs it during these seasons.

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