10 Quick Ways to Stay Warm and Save Money on Heating this Winter

staying warmAs soon as the winter months are about to come in, homeowners start to think of the cold season with all the burden of bad temperature and even worse heating and energy bills to deal with. If you live in places where temperatures in winter can get horribly cold, you are forced to think of a lot of ways in order to make sure you stay warm, but at the same time save money on heating. But the question is how can you possibly do that?

The good news is that we’re here to help you do exactly that. And yes, it is really possible to stay warm without adding that much on your energy bills. It’s just a matter of knowing those little things and realizing how they can provide significant help. Anyway, here are the ten quick ways to stay warm and save on heating this winter season:

1 – Insulation Check

Make the effort of looking at and inspecting your attic. What do you really see up there? Are there any bare spots missed out by insulation? Try to look at what type of insulation you have and be sure it is up to the level of insulation you need for your locality. The thing is proper insulation is vital in keeping everything inside your home warm without you having to increase the amount of heat inside.

2 – Air Leaks

If you have a home with drafty windows as well as attics and even doors, there is that certainty that air is able to sneak out, which also means that precious heat is being released unwontedly. If you want to save money in your heating expenses this winter, make sure the heat you’re producing inside is not released outside! Therefore, put a priority on sealing the air leaks in order to keep and effectively circulate inside. Be reminded that if heat finds its way outside, you will need more of it, which means you’re likely going to burn more fuel or oil or use more electricity to produce it. Begin by checking the weather stripping found around your doors and windows. If you see some signs of wear, you have to replace them. Also, check for leaks where hot air can seep out into the attic space. Also, the cuts created due to the installation of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans will provide exits for air and heat too. Hence, be sure you caulk them up and seal them. By making sure all air leaks are addressed, you are in a way reducing energy consumption for heating by about thirty percent.

3 – Thick Socks Matter

It may not be that significant, but investing in thick socks is indeed a quick way to stay warm without really spending that much. When you stay at home during the winter, you will realize that the cold weather easily penetrates your body through the feet. But with warm thick socks, your feet are kept warm, in the process not allowing the cold to get up to the rest of your body. Hence, your body won’t feel the need of more warmth as of the moment.

4 – Thermostat Check

One quick way to effectively save money on heating for the winter season is to check on the lower levels of thermostat you have at home. Turning it down about two degrees will make a huge difference especially if you look at it at the annual energy expenses perspective.

5 – Hot Water Bottle

You can also use a somewhat simple but perfect resistance against the cold nights, without even turning the heating system up. Instead, you a microwaveable hot water bottle and fill it up with a gel-like substance. Do a quick heating in the microwave right before you go to bed. As a result, you get warm and cozy for a long night sleep.

6 – Window Blinds

Opening the blinds on the portion that gets the most sun can also help trapping the heat that comes from the outside. Of course, you will want to close the windows and blinds on the other side so that the same heat will not go there and make an exit. It is very practical to open all blinds and curtains on the east side because it is here where the sun will shine and provide warmth. As a matter of fact, the heating benefits go a long way especially with the idea of maximizing the benefits of direct sunlight without really using more energy than expected.

7 – Using the Oven

No one stays outside during winter time enjoying fine dining! Part of saving money on winter is not just about staying warm and hot inside. It also means you can cook at home using your oven. In the process, you’re actually not just saving money for food you also should know that using the oven in the winter allows for more energy efficiency. Is that so? Yes, the oven will in fact work with warming of the house instead of being against it during the summer where you want to cool down the house.

8 – Consume Warm Fluids

Although most people already know this, but you have to know once again that winter is filled with the rich and hot flavor of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Warm fluids will allow your body to feel warmer inside. The warm effect inside will differ from one person to another but the fact remains that it will definitely provide substantial amount of time to keep oneself from getting cold during the night. When you warm up a bit by way of warm fluids, you may lessen the amount of energy spent on heating.

keeping warm9 – Fireplace

The fireplace seems to put an extra taste of elegance inside the house. But aside from the aesthetic improvement it offers, it serves the main purpose of providing heat and warmth in a room or area the fastest way possible. You actually get the warm temperature you deserve in a matter of minutes.

10 – Area Rugs

Area rugs seem to be intended for design purposes only. They are purchased and placed in living spaces to add color and style. However, they can also serve or provide a whole different function during the cold season. For instance, the use of rugs allows you to add another layer of insulation to the floor, in the process trapping the cool air underneath it. And since a rug is inherently warm, it will provide a very nice heating alternative to the feet.

In the end, as a homeowner you need to understand that the best means of keeping warm and save on heating is heating the home efficiently and then combining it with keeping the cold out. There is no point in using all the heating tools or devices you have when the cold temperature is willingly entering your premises. Hence, just make sure you keep the hot air flowing while moderating the temperature.

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