How to Keep Your Thermostat Set Low and Room Temperature Up

Setting your thermostat is a kind of task that is relatively easy to do. In fact, because it is so simple, most people overlook the importance of knowing how to control and manage it wisely. For those who don’t know, setting the thermostat low in certain instances will correspond to saving up to $100 per year. The use of the thermostat is born out of […] Read more »

How To Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

It’s getting cold and even if it’s autumn, you have to figure out the ways to get ready come winter time. Even if winter is not as lovely as the rest of the year, it is undoubtedly the most anticipated. That is because it is the time when we all have to dwell in our homes and do everything we can to stay warm. For […] Read more »

What Does a Humidifier Do?

As winter approaches, one thing that most people worry about is discomfort. Part of that is because of low humidity. So even if the house or building you’re in is nice and warm, if there is low humidity, it feels uncomfortable. The thing is a normal person will need a certain level of humidity in order to be comfortable. During winter time, indoor humidity becomes […] Read more »

What To Do In A Power Outage

The good thing in the U.S. is that whenever there is a power outage or interruption, it will most likely be over as it begins. However, it doesn’t mean it happens all the time. There are instances when a power outage will even reach more than a day. In fact, there are instances when it takes about a week before power turns on again. There […] Read more »

Eight Ways to Lower your Pennsylvania Heating Oil Bills

They’re saying that with the ongoing drop of natural gas prices, it is better for us to switch from heating oil to natural gas to cater our home heating needs. It may seem like a practical and very sensible idea. However, one has to consider the expense of switching. There is actually a lot of money involved if you plan to do so. Therefore, it’s […] Read more »

Getting Ready for Winter in Pennsylvania

Since winter will always come in a year, you have to put in some time to get ready for it. For those living in Pennsylvania, there is more reason to be considering the fact that the cold season can be very ruthless. Getting your home winterized is important to make sure the level of warmth and comfort inside is still there, thereby protecting you and […] Read more »

All Home Heating Oil is Not the Same

People in this country rely on different sources of energy to heat their homes and keep themselves warm during the winter season. Although LPG, electricity, and other renewable sources are familiar, there is one that stands out: home heating oil. The most distinctive characteristic of heating oil is the fact that it is delivered by oil delivery companies and it is stored in a tank […] Read more »

Heating System Duct Cleaning: Fact or Fiction

Heating system duct cleaning has been a subject of constant debate. Some people consider it as nonsense since there is no way it can help prevent health problems. Others on the other hand just feel like the ducts just needed to be cleaned for the sake of the idea that dirty ducts contribute to bad air quality. In this article, we will look into the […] Read more »

10 Quick Ways to Stay Warm and Save Money on Heating this Winter

As soon as the winter months are about to come in, homeowners start to think of the cold season with all the burden of bad temperature and even worse heating and energy bills to deal with. If you live in places where temperatures in winter can get horribly cold, you are forced to think of a lot of ways in order to make sure you […] Read more »

Get Ready for Winter with a Heater Cleaning

As a homeowner, you don’t want to get entangled in a bigger mess by simply being unable to push through and perform heater cleaning when it is time to. You also don’t want to have a dysfunctional heating system in the middle of t he freezing winter, right? That’s why it is every homeowner’s prerogative to clean and get the heating system prepared for the […] Read more »