Heating Oil Lehighton PA

Heating Oil Lehighton PA

Where Could You Locate Excellent Heating Oil And Phenomenal Customer Service?
Look No Farther!
R.F. Ohl Fuel Is Your Answer!

R.F. Ohl Fuel

400 Interchange Road
Lehighton, PA 18235

(888) 980-7774
PA Contractor Registration # PAOAGHIC 175

R.F. Ohl Fuels has been providing home and business clients fuel services since 1984. Our family-owned organization supplies home heating oil, kerosene, and propane to its customers, along with all of your heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance options. We provide heating oil to Lehighton and would certainly be honored to get you as a customer. Get in touch with our company at (888) 980-7774 to talk to a fuel specialist to obtain the answers that you want.

Give us a phone call at (888) 980-7774 for your next oil fill up in Lehighton

A Good Home Heating Oil Provider Is A Must. Here’s The Reasons Why:

There are a lot of home heating oil providers to select from. When deciding on which professional to decide on, make certain that you are getting an oil contractor that can supply your heating oil reliably and in a professional fashion. Envision running out of oil during a snowy winter day or night. Not something you would want to have. R.F. Ohl Fuel can bring your heating oil on an automated plan or on an as-needed basis. But should you wish to have the best guarantee of never running out of oil, we advise you get on an auto-fill plan. You don’t have to be at home when our operators arrive, making the auto-fill oil delivery among the most hassle-free and most popular option.

Why R.F Ohl?

• We provide heating oil on time & in urgent problems
• We provide service and installment for your heating and cooling systems
• We have a substantial distribution area in NE PA
• Our customer service is unrivaled

Below are a few concerns that our consumers ask us most regularly:

Is there a preferable time of year to buy home heating oil? Although rates vary through the year, it is ordinarily more effective to fill your storage tank before the heating period. This also helps to reduce problems due to condensation water build up through the summer months.

What takes place if I empty my tank of all my oil? You won’t harm your system, however, a loss of heat undoubtedly poses freezing problems for your water pipes if left alone for a period of time. If the heat is not restored in the course of cold winter temps, the damage to your home could lead to 1000s of dollars. Even so, if you do use up all of your oil, contact our specialists at (888) 980-7774 to obtain an emergency oil delivery. Reactivating your system could necessitate a little added assistance for certain types of systems, but usually a basic push of the reset button will do.

How clean is oil heating? Oil heat, using sufficient care, is a quite clean system. Although yearly cleanings are necessary to maintain a clean system, an oil system should really not produce any soot or bad odors.

If I use up all of my oil may I replace diesel fuel for my typical heating oil? The simple answer is YES. Utilizing diesel fuel in your boiler is not advised as a long-term remedy. It must simply be used if you are in a critical circumstance and you can’t have a fuel delivery in an acceptable amount of time. A fantastic approach to prevent running out is to enroll in our auto-delivery plan.

How do I figure out just how much oil I’ll consume in a month? Certainly there are various things that get involved with addressing this question, for example, the performance of your boiler and just how completely it is looked after. In most cases, the 3 coldest months, December, January & February, the majority of homes will average about 100 gallons per calendar month.

What exactly must I do if my pilot light goes out? This would be difficult on an oil heater considering that oil systems don’t have pilot lights.

I smell my heater or maybe I have soot, just what should I do? Call us at (888) 980-7774 to arrange a tune-up. All heater, regardless of the fuel use, require yearly maintenance and tune-ups. Properly taken care of systems will definitely not generate odors or soot.R.F. Ohl Fuels doesn’t simply offer home heating oil. We similarly supply kerosene and propane. We additionally have a sizeable showroom at our Lehighton, PA location that has a greater array of wood stoves, pellet stoves, and fireplaces, and so feel to come by and check out our selection. Ever contemplated going eco-friendly? R.F. Ohl will help you go environment-friendly also since we also set up home and commercial renewable energy systems. When it pertains to power and fuel, R.F. Ohl is your finest local resource!

Call us now to talk to any of our fuel specialists. Phone (888) 980-7774 right now.

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