Eight Ways to Lower your Pennsylvania Heating Oil Bills

lowering your heating billsThey’re saying that with the ongoing drop of natural gas prices, it is better for us to switch from heating oil to natural gas to cater our home heating needs. It may seem like a practical and very sensible idea. However, one has to consider the expense of switching. There is actually a lot of money involved if you plan to do so.

Therefore, it’s really a more practical approach if you find ways to lower your heating oil bills, especially if you are living in Pennsylvania, where the winter seasons demands a great deal of heating for you in order to survive and live a rather comfortable life for the entire season.

Yes, there are so many different ways for you to lower your energy bills and you don’t have to sacrifice the warmth and coziness you deserve come winter time. The good news is that we’re giving you eight of those simple yet very valuable ways:

1 – Heating System Tune-Up

Right before winter comes, you need to get a heating system tune-up. You might be leaning against it since you don’t feel there is a need to. But do remember this: with a tune-up of your heating equipment, what you are getting in return is maximum performance out of every drop of heating oil delivered to you. Efficiency in burning means lesser use of oil.

2 – Open Those Shades and Drapes

Unless you’re a vampire, you would want to open those drapes and shades in order to let the sunshine in. The sun is the original source of heat. Why not utilize that? By opening up, you are helping your home get warmed up right before the cold night starts. As soon as the sun goes down, close them so that you prevent heat loss because of drafty windows.

3 – Turn down the Thermostat

There are two instances when you can turn down the thermostat to reduce heating costs. One is during the night and the other is when you’re not home. If you can sacrifice a bit, you can even lower your thermostat perhaps for a single degree. Doing so will actually allow you to save up to two percent on your heating bill in annual terms.

4 – Pipes Insulation

There are two good reasons why you need to do this. For one, you’re going to be preventing the likelihood of heat loss. Secondly, you are also preventing your pipeline from freezing during the winter.

5 – Get Rid of Gaps

Heat loss is one of the primary reasons why you’re burning too much heating oil. It is mainly caused by gaps in between your door and threshold. What you therefore need to do is stop heat loss by getting rid of those gaps. To do so, you have to use a seal that can be placed at the bottom of the door. It has to brush up against the threshold to effectively fill the gap.

heating oil bills6 – Close Any Unused Space

There are spaces and holes in your home that can also contribute to heat loss. If they are not in use, you have to close them. The list includes your kitchen vent, closet doors, air conditioning units and vents, and your fireplace dampers.

7 – Don’t Put Furniture In Front of Heating Radiators

This is something that a lot of homeowners miss out. Never intend to put furniture in front of the radiators because if you do, it will block the heat from being distributed or circulated evenly.

8 – Replace Old Systems

If you have been using the same heating system for more than twenty years, then you have to seriously look into replacing it. Aside from the fact that very old ones tend to become inefficient, the modern types of heating equipment will cut heating costs by up to twenty five percent, which basically means lowering your heating oil bills for a very long and sustainable period of time.

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