Get Ready for Winter with a Heater Cleaning

As a homeowner, you don’t want to get entangled in a bigger mess by simply being unable to push through and perform heater cleaning when it is time to. You also don’t want to have a dysfunctional heating system in the middle of t he freezing winter, right? That’s why it is every homeowner’s prerogative to clean and get the heating system prepared for the incoming winter and cold season.

So one of the best and most practical things to do in order to get ready for winter is preparing your heating system, making sure it is on optimum performance. Even though the exact maintenance routines you need for your system primarily depends on the brand or manufacturer, there are still general and simple tips you ought to follow in terms of cleaning the same. Here are some of them:

cleaning the furnace1 – Furnace Must Be Checked and Inspected Every Other Year

You will have to do the heater cleaning yourself from time to time. While that will ensure you’ve got the right maintenance in place, you will still have to call in a professional in order to conduct a thorough inspection on your heating system. This has to be done every other year in order to find out if the same can still perform during the winter. Keep this in mind – the best way to guarantee that the system is still working efficiently is having a professional look at it, to see if there is a need for it to be replaced or repaired. While you can see dirt and other things and address it, more serious problems about your heater can only be solved by heating experts. With people who know what they should be looking for, you also get to ensure that your heating system is not prone to be causing fires inside your home.

2 – Replace the Filter When Needed

Part of heater cleaning is replacing the filters. This has to be done every two or three months, and depending mainly on the season as well as the type of system you have at home. If there is no need to change the filter, it is still your job to clean it and make sure it is free from dust and debris, obviously for the reason of getting everything ready for winter. Now if you also have a central cooling and heating system at home, the filters have to be checked and replaced as well, especially during summer. But be reminded that if your filter is situated within the furnace, you have to shut down the power before attempting to replace or even just inspecting it.

3 – Mind the Chimney

heater cleaningDo have a look at the chimney as well. Although it doesn’t require that much attention, there are times when your heating becomes inefficient simply because of obstructions like debris and nests made by birds that are seeking warm shelter. Also, it is important that the chimney is free from soot buildup to get ready for winter. Bear in mind that the buildup of soot inside will increase the possibility of igniting a fire. For chimneys that haven’t been cleaned and inspected for as very long time, it is much better to call in the experts to clean the ducts and check everything.

4 – Heaters and Burners Must Be Free Of Dust and Debris

Getting ready for winter also means you need to make sure all heaters and burners are free from dust and other forms of debris. There is a great deal of dust accumulation during the summer season, so you can’t just ignore your heating system at this time. Check for signs of any rust, deterioration, or misalignment right before the cold season begins.

5 – Oil the Furnace Blower

Heater cleaning also means making sure that all the components of the entire heating system is clean and is working flawlessly together. The furnace blower for instance has a big responsibility in the operation of the system. Therefore, make sure it is oiled at least once a year so that it would function the way it is supposed to and will not make any loud or unwanted noise.

thermostat6 – Thermostat Checking

Finally, heating cleaning is not just about clearing up dust and debris; it also means you need to see if the thermostat you’re using is working properly. Keep in mind that a thermostat which is not working properly will correspond to a heating system that won’t work efficiently as well. To inspect and check, turn on your thermostat and then monitor the way it responds. A good working thermostat will start up instantly without issues. Also, it is much better these days to use a programmable thermostat since it can save energy compared to old and manual varieties.

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