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If you’re living in one of the colder climates in the U.S., you’re one of the millions of homes that need to endure winter every year. And talking about the cold season, most homes in the U.S. are heated and protected against the cold by either a furnace or a boiler. Furnaces work by heating air and then distributing the same heated air in the entire home by way of the heating ducts. Boilers on the other hand will heat water and then provide both hot water and steam intended for same purpose of heating. The steam for instance will be distributed through pipes to steam radiators while hot water may be passed on through baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems. There are also instances when the boiler heats air through a coil.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Furnace or Boiler

Every homeowner needs to value the importance of cleaning the furnace system and/or boiler for the main purpose of keeping everyone inside the home safe, comfortable, and always protected. While a gas system may only require cleaning every two years, oil systems are different. If you happen to be using heating oil Orefield PA for your system, it means your furnace or boiler has to be cleaned and maintained every year. There should be an annual inspection of your entire Orefield heating systems in order to prevent the likelihood of accidents while at the same time making sure your system is functioning at the optimum level.

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Aside from cleaning your furnace or boiler, you may well be resorting to retrofitting them, the main purpose of which is to increase efficiency. Retrofitting basically means upgrading and improving the efficiency as well as the safety of oil heating systems, especially those that are older than ten years. However, it doesn’t mean you just say yes to it since you have to carefully weigh on the cost of such when compared to the cost of having new boiler or furnace instead. You see, there are times when replacement is better because you might be contemplating on switching to another system, say, you want to switch to gas.

Cleaning and Maintenance by a Professional

But do keep in mind that aside from providing heating oil supply Orefield, your oil delivery company should also be able to provide the necessary maintenance, repair, and cleaning service you need, provided you’ve signed up for those services in your contract. And yes, there are those cleaning and maintenance aspects that can only be done by a heating system professional. Here are some of them:

1 – Check and inspect the condition and status of the vent connection pipe and chimney. There are instances when some components or parts of the venting system have put in so many years of service that deterioration is quite obvious. The thing with chimney related issues is that they can be very costly with respect to repair and it even is justified if you’re just going to go for the installation of a new heating equipment that will not use the old chimney.

2 – The heating technician will also be the one qualified to conduct an inspection and examination on the physical integrity of the heat exchanger. A boiler heat exchanger that leaks water is easy to spot. Furnace heat exchangers on the other hand mix gases in house air when there is a leak. Hence, it is crucial to get them inspected immediately.

3 – Call a technician for the adjustment of the controls on the boiler or the furnace. This is to make sure that they provide the best water and air temperature settings intended to guarantee not just comfort but also efficiency on the heating system’s perspective.

In the general view of things however, there is really no exact answer as to how often should you clean and have your furnaces and boilers checked. There are so many factors involved and perhaps the most crucial is the environment your furnace or boiler in running or operating. It means that if the area surrounding the furnace is dirty or full of dust, dirt, and animal hair, you do have to expect to clean it more than usual.

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