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R.F. Ohl Fuels has been providing home and commercial consumers fuel services since 1984. Our family-owned organization supplies home heating oil, kerosene, and propane to its clients, along with all of your HVAC installation and repair solutions. We provide heating oil to Whitehall and would be privileged to have you as a customer. So call us at (888) 980-7774 and one of our friendly representatives can explain any of your concerns and bring you the service you require.

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What a Really good Home Heating Oil Professional Can Carry out For You

Deciding on a home heating oil contractor delivers you plenty of opportunities. So whenever your picking the best one for you, don’t forget that price is not the only aspect. Professional delivery is equally as significant. Imagine running out of oil in the middle of a cold winter day or night. Not something you would want. R.F. Ohl Fuel has the consistent delivery you are searching for, with numerous delivery choices. But should you want the best guarantee of never running out of oil, we recommend you get on an auto-fill program. You don’t need to be home when our operators deliver, making the auto-fill oil delivery the most convenient and most well-liked selection.

Why then R.F Ohl?

  • We are here for all your heating oil needs, even for emergencies
  • We supply repair and setup for your HVAC systems
  • We have a substantial distribution area in North East Pennsylvania
  • Our customer service is unrivaled

A few of the regularly asked questions we receive pertaining to home heating oil are:

Is there a more ideal time of year to get home heating oil? Even though prices vary throughout the year, it is generally more effective to fill your storage tank before the heating period. This additionally helps to decrease problems because of condensation water accumulation throughout the summer months.

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What happens if I use up all of my oil? You won’t harm your system, although a lack of heat definitely gives freezing issues for your pipes if left on their own for a period of time. Even though the temperatures do need to be below freezing for an amount of time, the damages that could be created by freezing water pipes may be considerable and set you back thousands. Nevertheless, if you do use up all of your oil, get in touch with our specialists at (888) 980-7774 to obtain an emergency oil delivery. When oil is refilled in your oil tank, reactivating the heating system is typically as easy as pushing the reset button.

How clean is oil heat? Oil heat, using appropriate servicing, is a remarkably clean system. Though yearly maintenance is required to keep a clean system, an oil system should really not generate any soot or rough odors.

If I run out of oil should I switch diesel fuel for my regular heating oil? Yes, you can for quick durations. Utilizing diesel fuel in your furnace is not suggested as a long-lasting solution. It must merely be used if you are in an urgent situation and you can’t get a fuel delivery in a sensible amount of time. That being said, if you schedule auto-delivery, you will likely never ever run out of oil and will have to address this circumstance.

How much heating oil could I use in a thirty days? This is difficult to explain considering that every house and system is distinct. The number of years old and effectiveness of your equipment in addition to your house play into the explanation.

Exactly what should I do in the case that my pilot light burns out? Oil heating systems do not contain a pilot burner. R.F. Ohl Fuels doesn’t just offer home heating oil. We even supply kerosene and also propane. We additionally have a huge showroom at our Lehighton, PA location that has a bigger range of wood stoves, pellet fireplaces, and fireplaces, so feel to stop by and check out our assortment. Have you ever contemplated going eco-friendly? Well, we can help you out there too. We set up solar systems for homes and businesses. Whenever it pertains to energy and fuel, R.F. Ohl is your leading local source!

And so give R.F. Ohl a ring at (888) 980-7774 now and allow our company manage all your fuel supply, distribution, repair and setup needs.


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