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Where exactly Could You Locate Top quality Heating Oil And Exceptional After-sales service? If Your Answer Is Yes, R.F. Ohl Is Your Solution!

R.F. Ohl Fuels has been offering home and business consumers fuel services since 1984. Our family-owned company supplies home heating oil, kerosene, and propane to its customers, plus all of your heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance solutions. We provide heating oil to Danielsville and would definitely be privileged to get you as a customer. So give us a call at (888) 980-7774 and one of our friendly reps can address any of your questions and bring you the service you require.

Get in touch with us at (888) 980-7774 to schedule an oil fill up in Danielsville.

What a Really good Home Heating Oil Provider Can Carry out For You

There are several home heating oil companies to choose from. So whenever your choosing the right one for you, remember that price is not the sole issue. Trustworthy delivery is equally as important. Imagine running out of oil in the middle of a frozen winter day or evening. Certainly not something you ‘d want. R.F. Ohl Fuel can provide your heating oil on an automated schedule or on an as-needed basis. But in case you prefer the best assurance of never running out of oil, we recommend you get on an auto-fill plan. You don’t need to be at home when our drivers arrive, making the auto-fill oil delivery one of the most hassle-free and most preferred choice.

Why you really should go with R.F. Ohl:

  • We’re here for all your heating oil requirements, even for emergency situations
  • We repair your heating system
  • We deliver all over NE Pennsylvania
  • Our customer service is second to none

So just what concerns do we find posed most often? Look below:

Is there a more ideal time of year to obtain home heating oil? While prices vary all throughout the year, it is generally preferable to fill your storage tank before the heating season. Getting a full storage tank during the summer at the same time reduces condensation inside the storage tank.

Will my heating system be ruined if my oil is all used up? Your heat will certainly cease operating and you run the threat of your water pipes freezing up. If the heat is not brought back throughout cold winter temperatures, the damages to your house could lead to thousands of dollars. Even so, if you do use up all of your oil, call our professionals at (888) 980-7774 to get an emergency oil delivery. Restarting your system could call for a bit of extra assistance for specific kinds of systems, although typically a simple push of the reset button will be sufficient.

How clean is oil heat? Oil heating is as unpolluted as some other heating system. Although yearly cleanings are required to maintain a clean system, an oil system should not make any soot or bad smells.

If I run out of oil should I substitute diesel fuel for my normal heating oil? Indeed, you may for brief time frames. We do not advise that you use diesel as an extended option but in cases of unexpected emergencies, it is an excellent way to get through a cold snap if you have use up all of my oil. That being said, if you arrange for auto-delivery, you will most likely never run out of oil and need to address this situation.

Just how much heating oil will I consume in a calendar month? This one is tough to address because every house and system is distinct. The number of years old and effectiveness of your unit in addition to your residence play into the response. Typically, the 3 coldest months, December, January & February, most homes will equate to about 100 gallons per thirty days.

What should I do in the case that my pilot burner burns out? This would be hard on an oil heating system since oil units do not have pilot lights.

Precisely how safe is an oil heating system? The answer is YES. Home heating oil isn’t an explosive fuel, implying it is the most safe form of home fuel attainable. An oil fired boiler that is effectively maintained, will give you with decades of warm heating to your house.

Aside from home heating oil, R.F. Ohl Fuel at the same time supplies propane and even kerosene. You can stop in our showroom, located in Lehighton PA, to see the sizeable array of wood burning fireplaces as well as pellet burning fireplaces. Curious about going environment-friendly? Well, we can aid you out there as well. We install photo voltaic systems for homes as well as small business. R.F. Ohl is your ideal source for all of your fuel and energy needs!

Call our company right now to talk to any of our fuel authorities. Phone (888) 980-7774 now.


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