Heating Oil in Nazareth PA

Nazareth PA is a quaint town located just north of Bethlehem, PA in Northampton County. It’s population is just over 5,500 people and it is best know for being the global headquarters of Martin Guitar. Other industries represented by Nazareth are cement manufacturing and the Nazareth speedway, home of the famous Mario Andretti, his son Michael Andretti and Micheal’s son, Marco Andretti.

R.F. Ohl services the Nazareth area with heating oil, propane and kerosene deliveries. To learn more about oil prices for Nazareth and to schedule a heating oil delivery, contact our offices at: (888) 980-7774.

Below is an interview that was done in December, 2013 with Steve Ohl, president of R.F. Ohl. In this interview, Steve answers some frequently asked questions, such as:

  • How Can I predict the price of heating oil in Nazareth, based upon the weather?
  • How safe is heating oil?
  • I just moved into a house with heating oil, I know nothing about it. How do I order oil?
  • How can I find out home many gallons my oil tank holds?
  • Is it hard on my furnace if I run out of oil?
  • I’m selling my home and it is heated with oil, what do I need to know?

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