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Roseto is another borough located in Northampton County and within the boundaries of the Lehigh Valley region of the state of Pennsylvania. It is also part of the Slate Belt. The borough’s population is predominantly white, comprising about 95%, while the rest includes Hispanics, Black, and Asian. The name “Roseto” is of Italian origin. Actually, it is named after a village in Italy called Roseto Valfortore. There were local slate quarries in the area in the past where there was a large Italian worker population. The founders of the borough were Nicola Rosato, Giovanni Policelli, and Lorenzo Falcone.

And with the winter season coming, Roseto is also home to hundreds of homeowners that rely on home heating oil for heating their homes. The good news is that there are quite a few reliable home heating delivery service companies that provide comprehensive heating service including heating equipment repair, installation, and even propane and natural gas.

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