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The winter is the time of the year where you are expected to go over your heat dial or thermostat over and over again to turn it up. Majority of homes in the U.S. use an oil heating system attached to a thermostat, the purpose of which is to provide utmost warmth during the burden of a cold weather.

What you see in a typical heating oil New Ringgold system at home is heated air flowing through a concept called “forced warm air.” In this system, the blower fan will pull air into the cold air return ducts that are situated in various portions of the house. The air will pass through a filter and reaches the furnace in the process. This is where it is heated. As soon as warm air is produced, it is forced back and distributed to the rooms by way of the heating ducts. The heating duct is a very important component of the entire heating system. Its main enemy is soot. The moment you see them, you have to call in an expert in heating systems since it warrants professional repair due to cracked heat exchanger.

The furnace meanwhile is the main part of the entire system. This may refer to the conventional burner in order varieties while newer heating systems have hotter flames and more efficient burning. There is one good reason why most homeowners go for this type of system even if heating oil prices in New Ringgold continue to gradually rise. This is all because oil furnaces are the most durable and they will last for decades without any major or serious issues, including repair and replacement. But before you feel that relief if you’re using one, you have to realize that even if oil heating is durable and requires little maintenance, it still has to be regularly checked, inspected, and maintained, both by the owner and a professional technician. That is why it is very sensible to opt for New Ringgold heating services that include maintenance in the heating oil delivery contract. With it, you no longer have to worry about the regular maintenance of your heating system, especially during those times when repair or replacement for any component is needed. When a technician is called in to visit your home and check your oil heating system, feel free to ask the things that will determine if the person your heating oil delivery company sent is the right one. You can even prepare checklist in order to have a guide on the kind of questions to ask.

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Although we said that integrating maintenance and servicing in your heating contract will give you some relief on the maintenance of your system, it doesn’t mean you just sit there and relax. You have to at least know and understand some basic oil heating maintenance tips. Here’s a short list of the most important ones:

Furnace Maintenance

• Inspect the oil pump strainer and clean if necessary
• Clear the blades on the blower of the burner
• Inspect and clean the oil filter if needed
• The piping and tank will have to be inspected for the presence or signs of leaks as well as corrosion
• Look for the exhaust stack or the draft tube, depending on your heating unit and clean them
• Air intake ports have to be vacuumed and cleaned

Air Flow Maintenance

• Inspect and see the air filter on a monthly basis
• The fan blower blades have to be cleaned right before winter starts
• The belt must be checked to see find out if there are issues on tension and alignment
• Look for leaks in the ducts and seal them using duct tape
• Take a look at the auxiliary components

It’s a nice thing if your heating technician is able to cover everything we’ve mentioned above. For older homes, there is some stress given on proper installation of the system. For one, there are areas that don’t allow heating tanks installed underground. So it really pays to know your system.

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