Eight Ways to Lower your Pennsylvania Heating Oil Bills

They’re saying that with the ongoing drop of natural gas prices, it is better for us to switch from heating oil to natural gas to cater our home heating needs. It may seem like a practical and very sensible idea. However, one has to consider the expense of switching. There is actually a lot of money involved if you plan to do so. Therefore, it’s […] Read more »

All Home Heating Oil is Not the Same

People in this country rely on different sources of energy to heat their homes and keep themselves warm during the winter season. Although LPG, electricity, and other renewable sources are familiar, there is one that stands out: home heating oil. The most distinctive characteristic of heating oil is the fact that it is delivered by oil delivery companies and it is stored in a tank […] Read more »

Heating System Duct Cleaning: Fact or Fiction

Heating system duct cleaning has been a subject of constant debate. Some people consider it as nonsense since there is no way it can help prevent health problems. Others on the other hand just feel like the ducts just needed to be cleaned for the sake of the idea that dirty ducts contribute to bad air quality. In this article, we will look into the […] Read more »

Get Ready for Winter with a Heater Cleaning

As a homeowner, you don’t want to get entangled in a bigger mess by simply being unable to push through and perform heater cleaning when it is time to. You also don’t want to have a dysfunctional heating system in the middle of t he freezing winter, right? That’s why it is every homeowner’s prerogative to clean and get the heating system prepared for the […] Read more »

10 Easy Ways to Save on Energy this Winter

Winter is the season where everyone expects to use more energy to keep their homes warm. But when that season arrives, there are steps you can take in order to actually save on energy for real, and doing so doesn’t really have to be that hard. As a matter of fact, the simple and minor choices we make are the ones that will create the […] Read more »

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Home Heating Oil!

As you begin to feel the autumn chill, you get the telltale signs that the summer has ended and winter is coming. As soon as the temperatures start dropping and the wind pressure is increasing incessantly, as a homeowner you start to think about your heating options, which will most likely include home heating oil. Home heating oil is a source of heat that is […] Read more »