The Benefits of Oil Heat

oil heating at homeOne cannot deny the fact that heating oil is a great and practical fuel intended for heating your home. It is popular not only because it is readily available, but also because it is a lot more affordable compared to other alternative fuel sources. Aside from the fact that heating oil burns and produces hotter flame, it also is more efficient. Likewise, heating oil does not contribute to the production of methane, which we all know is widely present in burning natural gas.

But that’s not all. Oil heat has loads of other benefits that make it one if not the most popular fuel source for home heating today. Here are some of those benefits:


The heat produced by oil comes from a very economical fuel source. For the past twenty years, homeowners across the United States have seen a significant cut in heating oil prices. While gas heat was the more popular option say half a century ago, heating oil has become of better value these days, and this notion is supported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

With heating oil, there is more hot water. Oil-induced hot water heaters meanwhile product cheaper and faster hot water when compared to both gas and electric counterparts.


Heat from oil is naturally safer compared to other fuel alternatives. In fact, we can attest that no other fuel source can beat out the standard of safety when it comes to heating homes with the use of oil. To attest to the level of safety, heating oil is not flammable and explosive. When there is human inhalation of fuel oil fumes, there are no lethal risks reported. And when a heating system that uses oil malfunctions or breaks down, there will be obvious and telltale signs like smoke coming out or odor. Gas systems on the other hand don’t emit any smoke or warning of carbon monoxide release indoors, which means those using it are more prone to accidents and inhalation.


Heat from oil is clean. In fact, the clean burning of heating oil allows for its emissions to be unregulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. This is a clear manifestation that there are negative footprint in the air and the environment in general.


One of the most glaring advantages of oil heat is that it produces the hottest flame there is. This means that it will heat the home quicker, which then corresponds to the use of lesser fuel. The result: a really warm and comfortable home with the least expense possible.


Another important benefit is availability. Heating oil is one of the most widely available in the United States. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve reports that the country has a stockpile of seven hundred million barrels of heating oil for emergency purposes.

Personal Service

oil heatingThere are some people who don’t know that heating oil service in the United States is the best. That is why the number of households opting to use oil heat in their heating systems at home is increasing every year. And since there are over a hundred different oil delivery companies in one state alone, each of them strive hard to become competitive. And in order to be the top choice, they have to provide utmost quality service including affordable prices, round-the-clock delivery, maintenance, and repair.

So those are just some of the few benefits you can get out of oil heat. If you are currently using a different fuel source for a very long time now, that is probably because you’ve gotten used to it and you feel like there is too much expense involved in switching. But then again, you have to seriously look into heating oil because even if you’re going to spend money for installation (which is one time), you will realize later on that heating systems fueled by oil are much more convenient, efficient, and dependable in the long run.

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