Tips for Staying Warm and Cozy All Winter Long

Can winter be really the most wonderful time of the year? We think so; as long as you know how to keep yourself warm and cozy all along. The winter season is certainly the worst time of the year with respect to the kind of temperature it offers. The harsh cold season is just too much to bear without knowing how to deal with it ideally. But the good news is there are so many ways of staying warm even in the harshest weather conditions and this guide will help you keep cozy while you’re inside your home enjoying all the things you intend to do during the winter.

1 – Warm Clothing

First on the list is clothing. This is in fact a no brainer. Wearing warm clothing is the simplest yet most effective way to seal in heat in the body and prevent the cold temperature from penetrating. It is best that your choice of clothing in the winter season is layered since it does not only prevent exposure it also effectively retains body heat. Also, don’t forget those warm hat and thick socks. Keep in mind that most of our body heat will exit through the head and feet, so cover them up.

2 – Blankets

Keep yourself cozy with blankets, lots of them. What you can do is keep some blankets sitting on your couch. While you read your favorite book or watch television, you can conveniently wrap yourself up in order to say warm all night long.

3 – Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottleOne of the nice properties of water is that it can retain heat for a long period of time. Therefore, it is quite sensible to use hot water bottles to stay warm. Not only do they work, they also are a very affordable alternative to resorting to upping your heating system and eventually increasing your heating costs. You can use the hot water bottle while you’re at your desk, watching TV, or doing something else. You can even put them under your blankets to keep your bed warm all throughout the cold night.

4 – Warm Food and Drinks

If there was one thing good about winter, it’s the idea of winter soups and hot chocolate. You can also take advantage of getting cozy and warm with the help of the best warm food and drinks like hot tea, coffee, meat, and toast. They all make your body warm in the process.

5 – Hot Baths

Hot baths are great for staying warm in the winter season because they help in relaxing the muscles, especially after a cold stressful day. If you take a hot bath, it can definitely get you warmed up in no time. Do it with the accompaniment of soothing music and some candles. What you get is a very cozy feeling later on.

6 – Body Heat

You really don’t have to overuse your heating equipment at home just to make yourself extra warm. You can in fact save a lot of money on your annual energy bills if you can utilize your own body heat properly. One effective way to do that is by getting up and get moving. By having an active body and lifestyle, you can expect for it to heat up in no time. Being active means doing things that will make you sweat like jumping, running, dancing, or even doing household chores.

7 – Weatherproofing

weatherproofIf you weatherproof your home, you’re doing a lot of things to not just keep it warm for the winter season, but also to become energy efficient. First, you need to patch up any areas where there are drafts. By using double-paned glass in your windows, you can also prevent the cold temperature from the outside from coming through. Be sure that the rubber strips you installed at the base of your door is tightly placed so that cold air won’t blow through.

8 – Outside Concerns

You may also promote warmth when you are outside. You can do so by wearing the right winter clothing when you need to go outside. Jackets made of wool or down are preferred. When it is raining, a water resistant jacket will effectively prevent soaking.

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do in order to warm and cozy during the season. Most people would simply rely on their heating systems for winter heating but it’s not just about that. Even the littlest things will allow you to stay warm and cozy without thinking about spending more or using more energy.

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