What Does a Humidifier Do?

humidifier benefitsAs winter approaches, one thing that most people worry about is discomfort. Part of that is because of low humidity. So even if the house or building you’re in is nice and warm, if there is low humidity, it feels uncomfortable. The thing is a normal person will need a certain level of humidity in order to be comfortable. During winter time, indoor humidity becomes very low and because of that, there are certain “unwanted” effects like you skin drying out as well as mucous membranes. Likewise, low humidity projects that feeling that the air indoors is a lot colder than usual.

With dry air, nothing is really comfortable. As a matter of fact, the effect is not just towards people. The same will dry out the wood in the floors and walls inside the house. And when it does, the wood will shrink and create cracks and creaks.

But the good news is that there is the humidifier. It is a device used in order to make things a lot more comfortable inside during the winter season. It works by adding that much needed moisture to a rather dry air.

Concept of Relative Humidity

The relative humidity of air carries a great effect on the level of comfort a person feels once indoors. Humidity by definition is the amount of moisture present in the air. For instance, if you are standing in the bathroom right after taking a hot shower, you will see that there is steam hanging in the air. It is an indication that there is high level of humidity in that space or area. Low humidity meanwhile is more like the experience you get when you are stuck in the hot desert that hasn’t had rain for more than a month.

Air meanwhile carries a specific amount of water vapor. The said amount of water vapor any mass of air can hold will depend on the temperature of the air. This means that the warmer the air is, the more water it will hold. Hence, a low relative humidity corresponds to the fact that the air is dry and will be able to hold more moisture at that particular temperature.

Relative humidity serves a very crucial purpose in determining the level of comfort. So if relative humidity is a hundred percent, what it means is that the water will not evaporate mainly because the air is already soaked with moisture. The human body will depend on the evaporation of moisture for the skin to cool down. The lower the relative humidity is the more convenient it is for moisture to evaporate from the skin, and we will feel cooler in the process.

What a Humidifier Does

The idea of adding a humidifier at home is valuable especially during the winter months. In fact, there are lots of benefits that come with it. If you are residing in a dry climate or if you experience a cold and very dry winter season, you will most likely suffer from the effects of dry air. During winter months, you may experience a humidity level of less than 15%. Keep in mind that the ideal level should be at 30%. With a humidifier, you get the following benefits:

1 – Prevention of Illness

Because of ideal humidity indoors, the small hairs in your nose will perform their function of filtering bacteria and removing viruses, in the process preventing the likelihood of flu and colds. If the air is dry though, you will experience bloody nose and may get more prone to flu and other viruses.

2 – Protect Things

As mentioned earlier, furniture, walls, and floors made of wood will be substantially affected by little to no moisture in the air. They will eventually creak, crack, or split. But with a humidifier at home, you are going to preserve and extend the life of your things made out of wood.

3 – Cure Illnesses

humidifierIf you are suffering from flu or colds, it will worsen if the air is too dry. But as soon as the air is moistened using a humidifier, the symptoms of irritation in the nasal passages, cold, and flu are soothed. You also get to breathe easier.

4 – Skin Moisturizer

You are most likely going to use heating equipment in order to produce heat indoors during the harsh and cold winter. However, it may cause your skin to be tight ad dry, resulting to annoying itchiness. Your lips will also chap more often. With a humidifier in hand, your skin will be moisturized and prevent from drying.

In the end, the benefits of a humidifier go without saying. The device is basically classified as a tool to balance the air and make everyone comfortable. The idea of monitoring the moisture level at home is therefore considered a regular part of your readiness for winter.

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